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Abhyanga Spa - For Body - Mind - Soul


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Abhyanga – where ancient tradition merges with modern nuance. Abhi, the Sanksrit word for glow, and Anga, referring to the limb of a body, come together to create a science of both subtleness and vigour. In tradition, texts suggest that potent oils hold the power to heal doshas, opening up a new pathway towards well-being and good health. While you lie down and surrender yourself to the power of these oils, a certain kind of mystique takes over to transport you to a world of deeper senses. Abhyanga Spa at Paddington Resorts in Coorg is that centre of nature where you can experience the gentleness of force in the midst of a meditative silence. Come, drift away to that timeless land and make your stay at our Madikeri luxury resort even more memorable.


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